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Monster Customs Upfitters of Atlanta installs Whelen Engineering Products

Monster Customs Upfitters of Atlanta is proud to offer a comprehensive range of Whelen Engineering products, designed to ensure high-quality emergency lighting and warning solutions for all types of vehicles.

Featured products

CenCom Core®

The CenCom Core® system offers full vehicle control with advanced technology for ease of use and reliable performance.

Arges® Remote Spotlight

Arges® provides a remote-controlled spotlight solution, allowing for precise lighting where it's needed most.

Pioneer Plus™

The Pioneer Plus™ lighting series delivers powerful, scene illumination with rugged durability.

ION™ Series

The ION™ Series lightheads offer compact, powerful lighting that can be mounted virtually anywhere on your vehicle.

Mini Freedom® IV Lightbars

The Mini Freedom® IV provides the same advanced lighting technology as its full-sized counterpart in a compact form for smaller vehicles.

M Series™ Lightheads

M Series™ Lightheads, such as the M6 EZ Scene Light™, provide high-intensity lighting to ensure scene visibility.

Traffic Advisor™ – 2200 Series

The Traffic Advisor™ 2200 Series offers clear, directional signaling for traffic management and road safety.

Howler™ Low-Frequency Siren

The Howler™ series produces low-frequency tones to enhance siren and horn sounds, ensuring your vehicle's audible warning is heard.

Why choose monster custom upfitters of atlanta

At Monster Customs Upfitters of Atlanta, we pride ourselves on being the premier installation experts for Whelen products. Our team of certified technicians brings years of experience and a passion for precision to every project, ensuring that your emergency vehicles are equipped with the most reliable and effective warning systems available.

We understand the critical importance of high-quality installations for the safety and functionality of emergency services. That's why we are committed to providing exceptional service, comprehensive knowledge, and meticulous attention to detail with every Whelen product we install.

Choose Monster Customs Upfitters for installations that are as dependable as the products themselves, because when it comes to safety and performance, we accept nothing less than the best.

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