Monster Customs upfitter of atlanta - Premier Installer of Havis Solutions for Emergency Vehicles

At Monster Customs, we understand the critical importance of reliable and accessible equipment in emergency situations. That's why we are proud to be an installer of Havis products, the best-in-class solutions for emergency vehicle upfitting.

Ergonomic Solutions for High-Stress Environments

Our range of Havis consoles and mounts are ergonomically designed to ensure that all essential equipment is easy to see, reach, and operate. This thoughtful design is crucial in high-pressure scenarios where every second counts.

Rugged Mounting Systems

We equip your emergency vehicles with Havis mounting systems, known for their strength and versatility. Whether it's for road vehicles, boats, or even forklifts, Havis products installed by Monster Customs stand up to the challenges of any emergency scene.

Optimized Space with Secure Storage

Maximize your vehicle's storage with Havis' full-width trunk trays and overhead consoles. Installed by our experts, these solutions provide a clean, safe, and secure mounting surface for expensive radio and communications equipment, ensuring they are protected and accessible when it matters most.

Customizable and Reliable

Havis' commitment to quality and custom solutions aligns with Monster Customs' dedication to providing tailored installations that meet the specific needs of each emergency vehicle. Our installations are easy, requiring no permanent modifications to your vehicle, preserving its integrity and resale value.

Nationwide Support and Expertise

With Monster Customs' nationwide reach and Havis' extensive field support, you're never far from expert advice and assistance. We ensure that your emergency vehicles are equipped with the best solutions to keep you connected and in control.

Choose Monster Customs for Your Havis Installations

When it comes to upfitting your emergency vehicles, don't settle for anything less than the professional installation of Havis products by Monster Customs. Contact us today to learn how we can enhance the functionality and response capability of your fleet.

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