About Us

About Us

Monster Customs Atlanta’s only one stop vehicle customization shop specializes in car audio and accessories. Whether you’re in the market for a simple car stereo upgraded or a full blown system installation, Monster Custom’s has you covered.

Owners Terry Dobbs and Jim Florek have been in the custom-auto game for more than 20 years, both beginning in the car-audio realm and eventually branching out to other automotive avenues. In 2010 Terry and Jim decided to leave their respective shops and embark on a new journey, starting their own business and doing things the way they wanted: the right way. “We figured we’ve been doing this forever and have known each other forever,” explains Jim. “We asked ourselves, ‘Why aren’t we doing a shop together where we can do it exactly how we want it?’”

With a meager 600-square-foot, one-bay shop, Monster Customs was born, scoring jobs via customer referrals and labor-intensive projects that larger shops couldn’t handle. Over time, Monster rapidly became, as they dubbed themselves, Atlanta’s best-kept secret. Almost three years later, Terry and Jim have decided to crawl out from behind the shadows and go all-in with an 11,000-square-foot, full-fledged facility. “This is our last-ditch effort,” Terry says. “Do it big and see if it works, or get out of this industry forever.”

Terry and Jim recognized a void in the custom-car industry that started with the customer experience. “The industry is changing – all these companies are online, and you can buy this stuff anywhere,” explains Terry. “So we wanted to create a situation where we can make people feel like their dollar is being spent the right way.” He continues, “You can come in here, sit down and have proper attention paid to you. We want you to feel special, no matter if you’re spending $200 or $5,000.” Jim adds, “A typical retail store gets a commissioned sales guy on you, who is going to sell you products he gets the most commission from and we don’t do that.” Terry adds, “Every client can walk into our shop and watch while we’re working. We have nothing to hide.”

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